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Divided training and educating customers on the prevention of fire hazards measures to

1. dealers Tjayh obtaining a license issued by the Municipality and Planning Department: is calculated by the number of beneficiaries of the service according to the degree of seriousness of the facility in which they operate in accordance with the classification listed in the UAE code.

2. dealers belonging to government departments and the coordination between the Department of Civil Protection and the circle on the training site, according to the UAE code, it does not calculate any fees to the government departments.


The center of the dealers in Al-Jarf 1 area behind the City Center Ajman and also you can track the geographical location through Google Maps in the following link:

https: //acd.gov.ae/en/contact


You can contact the Office of the Director General by calling the number




Or through the direct number of Lt. Omar Hamad Al Suwaidi 0508690900

Also by e-mail info@acd.gov.ae


Mailbox of General Directorate of Civil Defense Ajman is : 728 Ajman


1-Required papers for issuing certificate of fulfillment 

Copy of the license / Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership / Copy of the identity of the license holder or the director / site plan / Copy of the lease contract / The disclosure of workers from work and workers.

2. Inspection shall be carried out according to the activity of the establishment and shall require the detection of workers for high-risk groups to know their number and take a percentage of them to train them with compulsory fees (ie compulsory training).

3 - Payment shall be via electronic dirham or bank card.

4 - Fees according to the activity described in the license 5 - You can submit via online Click Here


Please first check the Department of Prevention and Safety in the General Department of Civil Defense Ajman for registration for the first time and after you will be trained on the system by specialists in the system please review the administration from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm.


Contacting training department is on tel. 06 7035500, ask for training department mornings during the official working days, from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Yes, you can use the electronic services and see them and the completion of transactions and registration through the link below


Stores are warehouses and the required fee is AED 1000

  Required documents: Application form for workers' permit or warehouse from the municipality / Copy of the license and attestation of the compliance certificate The protection and safety conditions are valid for the establishment / lease contract / site plan / the identity of the license holder / maintenance contract for the warehouse
Note The submission is via the website es.adcd.gov.ae



Issuing the certificate of meeting the requirements of the civil defense by bringing

Copy of the license / Copy of the lease contract / Copy of the identity of the license holder / Chamber of Commerce membership image and Ajman trade / Site outline and disclosure of employees in the establishment

500 fees plus labor training fees

Submission will be via the website es.adcd.gov.ae


Pursuant to ministerial decision, AED 500.—the staff number shall be determined according to the establishment category in terms of hazard; category A, 10% of the staff number, category B, 50% of the staff number, at least two, category C, 100% of the staff number.