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Ajman Civil Defence launches” AL EID JOY” initiative

Ajman Civil Defence launches” AL EID JOY” initiative

Ajman civil defence launched ” AL EID JOY” initiative, which included distributing cash amounts ( EIDIA) to the orphans registered by the Human Appeal International in Ajman, aiming to enter pleasure and joy into themselves

Brigadier Rashid Gassim Mujlad, Ajman civil defence director general assured the directorate keenness to enhance the community participation and the communication to the community members, from the standpoint of the humanitarian dimension of the directorate’s role, enhancing the initiative, which aim to care about the community children. Additional to enter joy to the children’s hearts on the occasion of the coming of the happy Breakfasting Eid.

He drew the attention, that such social initiatives organized by the directorate, which are set out on its plan with the objective to make the civil defence an example to be followed on all levels under the family and charity initiatives.

On the other side, Khalid Abdulwahab Al Khaja, Human Appeal International executive director, praised on Ajman civil defence role and its social contribution, confirming the great role played by the civil defence towards the community, through its elements’ participation on all occasions. He as well drew the attention, that such initiatives consolidate the ties between the civil defence men and the local community.