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Ajman Civil Defence celebrates the event “ AL YEHAL DAY “ (CHILDREN DAY

Ajman Civil Defence celebrates the event “ AL YEHAL DAY “ (CHILDREN DAY

 Ajman Civil Defence conducted a celebration on the event “ AL YEHAL DAY“ (Children day) which has been participated by the staff children during 5 hours of joy.

Captain Mohamed Humaid Al Muhairi media & public relations department head stated that the event included a tour by the fire car, the children got to know during their visit about the tasks of the departments and the main sections, additional to free studio for fire cars, competitions, rewards and gifts distribution to the children. .
The captain assured the civil defence continuous keenness of caring about buds’ activities, supporting the children through participating on all community’s events, aiming to keep them happy and entering joy to their hearts.

The captain added that the civil defence is keen to reach happiness to all the staff through a number of different initiatives and programs, which come following the directions from the general directorate of the civil defence at the ministry of interior.

The directorate staff expressed their happiness on their children participation on the event “Al YEHAL” and for spending an unforgettable nice day.