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The vision of our leadership is to be the best global government in providing services and to be a place for innovation and continuous innovation in achieving the aspirations of the customers and to raise awareness of its services and to achieve the vision of the UAE 2021 in terms of meeting the needs of citizens and the development of government work to achieve sustainable development and enhance the status of the world.
It is my honor and on my behalf and on behalf of all officers, non-commissioned officers, individuals and employees of Ajman Civil Defense to present to the browser this site which provides a number of our services and includes information, procedures and service centers and channels to facilitate access to them according to the highest quality standards.
We hope to add our website to the rest of the sites specialized in the field of civil defense further transfer of knowledge and participation in the dissemination of preventive awareness and principles of safety and prevention of risks and accidents and disasters and to recognize the importance of this vital body and its role in society to preserve the achievements of humanity and urban and civilization.
We are also in contact with all groups of society that have encouraged us and strengthened our determination to add and renew this website through the active participation of those interested in civil defense affairs, which supported the idea of ​​renewing the pages of this site and adding some new sections that we hope to meet with appreciation and benefit from them.
We are pleased to receive your suggestions and opinions through all channels of communication to provide our best services to you. We hope that Almighty God will pay our way to the good of our work to provide the browser with what helps and useful through the topics to achieve continuous communication and fruitful and useful for everything new.