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  • Approval of engineering drawings (preliminary drawings by the consultant)
  • Engineering services and completion certificate
  • From government to Business Sector & from government to government.
  • Through this service, the fire fighting contractors and consultants may resubmit for approving plans for buildings and establishments in case one elapsed from the date of approving the plans and not commencing the implementation of the project or making amendments on the plans
  • Required to submit and receiving the transaction by the consultant only
  • Not Linked
  • /3- A print out and electronic copy of the drawing /Site plan issued by the Department of Municipality and planning – Ajman/ Application for drawing Approval
  • 1000AED
  • Plans & documents O nline submission • • Approval/ Fees payment /Stamping the printed out plans , and delivery/ Re-Submission of application for plans approval along with he printed out plans
  • Companies (Consultant)
  • e-Dirham , Credit Cards
  • 067035500
  • Clients will be informed about the service phase by SMS
  • Customer Service Centres Work Hours : Start from 7:30 AM To 02:30 PM