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/3.0 (209)

  • License for a factory of Civil Defence equipments and fire doors
  • Licensing establishments working in the preventive safety field
  • From public to business sector
  • Issuance , renewal or amendment of a license to deal with sales of equipments and tools of prevention and safety and fire fighting and their accessories and fittings according to a duly approved distribution agreement awarded by an agent approved by the concerend authority.
  • Availability of user name, password for every establishment on the prevention and safety procedures license shall be received only by the owner or his representative
  • Establishments licensing C (issuing compliance certificate for establishment of high risk) / 2- Issuing ID of engineer or technician working in the civil defence field
  • Factory commitment to adhere with the production requirements / Industrial license from the concerned authority in the activity area / Ministry of finance and industry license / Valid passport copy of the license owner / ISO 9001 certificate
  • 1000AED
  • AED 100 for each equipment
  • Submit an application on line for a license of distributor, review the transaction on line Refer to inspection Fees payment Issuance of distributor license
  • Companies (companies working in the preventive safety field)
  • e-Dirham , Credit Cards
  • 067035500
  • Clients will be informed about the service phase by SMS
  • Customer Service Centres Work Hours : Start from 7:30 AM To 02:30 PM